Why Women’s Health Is In Danger

June 21st, 2013

girl in makeupThe negative effects of today’s product marketing can be seen on how media affects women’s choices in clothes, shoes, food, and makeup.  Their activities have also been found to have caused health worries due to their preference to go out with friends and spend their time and money in bars.  There is really nothing wrong with partying and spending time with friends, but the real concern is the kind of activities that they may be enticed to engage in due to the toxic lifestyle that are seen in television and movies.  These types of activities are prevalent in a lot of movies and television shows which somehow connote that it is okay to do these things. Get better skin with moroccan argan oil.

Apparently, the regulatory boards that are responsible in monitoring these television shows and movies are not too keen in implementing stricter rules.  The most common scene on how media affects women is their consumption of cosmetics and beauty products.  As clearly seen in magazines and tv adverts, models and celebrities have been endorsing all sorts of beauty creams and body enhancements.  This kind of advertisements would also denote that the standard of a beautiful woman requires one to be padded with makeup and clad in a tight dress while sporting high-heeled shoes.  While makeup surely enhances one’s beauty, it is just too worrisome nowadays that even teenagers are wearing makeup everyday.  Many natural day women use all natural essential oils from essentials pure.

The impact on how media affect women had started when these women are still young girls.  Little girls starting the age of six are exposed to TV commercials showing women in skimpy clothing and heavy makeup.  It is no wonder why modern women have complicated lifestyle.  Most of their time in the morning are spent on putting on makeup and styling their hair.  Even in the eighties, most women would just go to work with light makeup matched with a nice colored lipstick.  Today, teenage girls would go to school wearing mascara, foundation, and a heavily brushed eye shadow.  Consumerism has gotten the best of us and it certainly created complex needs and wants.  But when do we end this if we were already bound to it from the day we were born?

The Effects Of Garcinia Cambogia Ads

June 21st, 2013

best meal plansThere is a great effect of food ads to people because the visual images of food entices us to eat.  Then there is another issue as to the effects of weight loss in the media as most of these that are promoted online even by celebrities are basically starvation diet processes.  The problem here is that people are led to believe that it is easy to lose weight as they will only need to consume less amount of food.  Other weight loss programs are worst, aside from taking lesser amount of food, the dieter is recommended to take a diet supplement.  These garcinia cambogia extract weight loss supplements come in all sorts of forms such as pills, drops, extract, and injectables.

It is not that these weight loss supplements are all unhealthy and dangerous, it is just that most of the diet supplements online have been found to contain harmful ingredients.  A few have been also found to have no helpful ingredients that cause weight loss at all.  The weight loss news in the media are also way too exaggerated.  Some diet programs would even claim to provide a healthy weight loss process in just a couple of weeks.  These kinds of absurd claims would immediately catch people’s attention thus leaving them to expect visible results in just a few weeks.  Truth is, a healthy weight loss does not happen overnight nor does it happen in just two weeks.

Medical and fitness experts always suggest to go through losing weight over time as it will eventually help the dieter adapt to a healthy meal plan and an active physical lifestyle without a backlash.  The issue with most weight loss programs in the media is that these only provide short term weight loss effects.  Soon, the dieter will find himself back at his previous weight.  The main reason for this kind of effect is that the body has the ability to regain what it has lost.  During a starvation diet, the body has just been set to a panic mode wherein it tries to stock on more calories in anticipation of another long period of less or no food intake at all.  Thus, it has never corrected the dieter’s wrong eating habits in the end.

How To Get The Best Diet Plan

June 21st, 2013

best diet programThe diet programs you may find online could be a health disaster for you. If you stay with sites like Healself.org you will be playing it safe. When finding diet programs, make sure to know your current state of health before getting too excited in starting the program.  It is advised by fitness and medical experts to go through a medical checkup before going through the process of weight loss. This is a crucial requirement for those who have already been feeling the symptoms of heart disease, diabetes, and other chronic illnesses.  Due to the effects of these diseases to the vital organs, no one can really be assured if your physical capacity would still allow you to maintain a physically demanding exercise program or an very low calorie meal plan.

The best way in finding diet programs that would fit your health needs is to get yourself checked.  A general or executive health checkup will help you get into the nitty gritty of what is wrong with your health.  The body may not also show symptoms of a disease, but any disease could cause complications especially if you are maintaining the wrong diet or taking the wrong health supplement.  Those who are already taking medication to combat other diseases are not even advised to take just any diet program they see online.  These people are even advised to seek the help of their physician and nutritionist to avoid adding more damage to their health.

Seek the right kind of help by getting in touch with your doctor.  Finding diet programs online may be easy, but it may not give you the right answer to your health needs.  Be a practical dieter and make sure to avoid the pitfalls of weight loss by blindly following starvation and fad diets especially those that are promoted by celebrities.  Do not be tricked by these kind of weight loss programs as most of these may not be specifically designed for your health needs.  Make your weight loss program a personalized one by seeking the help of medical and nutrition experts.  You can be at the pinkest of your health by not neglecting these simple health precautions.

How To Plan Your Food Intake

June 21st, 2013

2013 weight lossIn the course of planning your diet, it is necessary to understand the right amount of vitamins and minerals that are needed in the body.  One cannot just go through weight loss through starvation as it will put the overall functions of the body at risk.  The vital organs require sufficient level of energy to power its regular daily operations.  The lungs, muscles, heart, digestive system, and other vital organs would be in jeopardy if you do not have enough energy to sustain its normal processes.  This is why it is crucial to plan your food intake and to avoid maintaining a starvation type of diet program which is quite popular to most dieters nowadays.

A balanced diet is the foundation of a good weight loss program.  It is a necessary requirement in planning your diet because it will help you provide for the essential nutrients and calories needed by the body every single day.  The point of a balanced diet is to provide good nutrition to the body to help prevent infections and diseases while also trimming off the excess stubborn fats in the body.  With good nutrition, the body will also be able to flush out harmful chemicals and toxins.  Some of the best known diet programs include a process wherein you will have to go through cleansing.  The usual names given to this process is colon cleanse, liver cleanse, kidney cleanse, and other terminologies.

Nevertheless, these cleansing programs have one and the same purpose, to revitalize the internal body system.  These cleansing programs involve the intake of healthy and natural fruit and vegetable juices to eliminate toxins.  This cleansing process should be part of planning your diet because it also helps in flushing out excess body fats.  There are a lot of fruits and vegetables that are considered as fat releasing foods.  These fat releasing foods also include whole grains which make you feel fuller without worrying on the excess calorie content.  Whole grains should be part of your daily diet as these can effectively cleanse the body from excess saturated fatty acids and toxins due to its fiber and nutrient content.


July 23rd, 2011

200534351-001If you visit the doctor for a lingering cough and cold and come away with a $90 prescription for a brand-name antibiotic, are you getting state-of-the-art treatment or an inappropriate? Over promoted drug? Unfortunately, it’s hard to tell. As a patient, you hold very few of the cards in the prescribing game; in the end, only a doctor can write a prescription. That said, however, patients can still improve their chances of getting an effective prescription at a reasonable price. Here are some strategies to keep in mind.

Look for red flags. Brand-name drugs for arthritis. High blood pressure. ulcers, high cholesterol, and respiratory infections are among the most heavily promoted and thus the most likely to prescribed. If your doctor prescribes one of these drugs, question him or her closely: Why choose this particular drug?

Are there other, possibly cheaper, choices? If so. Why not prescribe one of them? You may also want to look the drug up in one of the consumer drug guides now available.

Ask about nondrug therapies. You don’t have to take a pill for everything that ails you. For example, using a vaporizer, salt-water gargles, plenty of fluids and acetaminophen may work about as well as a prescription combination product in treating a viral respiratory infection, without causing such side effects as drowsiness. Exercise, salt restriction, and weight loss can successfully treat some people who have cases of mild hypertension.

Tip from AlivebyNature.com – Don’t demand the latest drug. The latest, most expensive drug isn’t necessarily the best, despite what you may have read or heard. The oldest antibiotic of all, penicillin, remains the drug of choice for treating strep throat. Diuretics have a long record of safety, if you can tolerate their mild side effects, and can successfully treat many cases of high blood pressure at a much lower cost than newer agents. Old drugs that are still widely used have generally stayed around for a reasonthey’re effective and their side effects are well known. Newer drugs are more likely to have unpleasant surprises in store.

Ask about generic or over-the-counter alternatives. Prescription-strength Motrin, a brand-name version of the antiarthritis drug ibuprofen, costs $31 for a 30-day supply. The same amount of generic prescription-strength ibuprofen costs about $17. Although specific procedures vary from state to state, pharmacists are now allowed to substitute generics for brand-name drugs. If you don’t mind taking three or four tablets at a time, you can also buy ibuprofen over the counter in pills of lower dosage, and simply take more pills to raise the dosage level. That would cost
you even lessabout $13 a month for a therapeutically equivalent dose.

If you’ve taken a drug for a long time, remind your doctor occasionally. It may be time to stop. For example, many patients continue to take Tagamet or Zantac, two ulcer medications, long after their ulcers have healed. They may no longer need the drug at all: Their doctors may simply have neglected to review the need for renewing the prescription.